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About The Founder

Mix n Match Style

Mix N Match founder, Genece Hamby, is a mixed-media artist who is deeply moved and inspired by the beauty of nature. She is most known for surface pattern designs and digital paintings that are both visually appealing and emotionally resonant. In 2017, she started a pop-up shop business, Mix N Match Style, a collection of her surface pattern designs used on a few select fashion accessories. During Covid, she had to pause the business and became a part of a community group that helped local businesses remain open. Recovering from the pandemic, Genece opened a small art gallery. Shibui Studio, to help support local artists in the region. Today, she still owns the small gallery and helps the artists with their solo exhibits.


Recently, Mix N Match Style has found a new direction with a focus on fewer core products and limited edition surface pattern designs.

By curating a collection of accessories that are all printed with unique designs, the goal is to make it easier for women to find accessories that they love and that express their personal style. -- Genece Hamby


Mix N Match products are sold online and through independent retailers, trade shows and pop up events. Our pattern prints and products are ideal as resort collections designed for women who prefer a "year round" style that signifies relaxation, yet an active life, with an appreciation of high quality.

photograph of Mix N Match founder Genece Hamby
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