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About The Founder

Mix n Match Style

Genece Hamby is the visionary founder and surface designer behind the innovative Mix N Match Style concept. Her line of complementary pattern prints, and solid color handbags allow customers to mix and match bags for personalized, stylish looks. Genece is a digital artist, branding consultant, and innovator at heart who wanted to create a product that empowered women to express their individual style. Her Mix N Match Style line brings that vision to life through well-designed handbags that can be worn in countless combinations. Genece's passion for color, pattern, and personalized style shine through in every bag, creating a product that helps women feel confident and stylish.

By curating a collection of accessories that are printed with versatile patterns and colors, the goal is to make it easier for women to find accessories that they love and that express their personal style. -- Genece Hamby

photograph of Mix N Match founder Genece Hamby
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