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Get to Know Us

At Mix n Match Style, we strive to empower women to express their unique personalities through innovative and sustainable fashion accessories. We achieve this by offering a vibrant collection of seasonal prints, mix-and-match handbag designs, and ethically sourced materials.

We offer a variety of seasonal prints and colors, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of our customers. From exclusive pattern prints and complementary solid colors that mix and match, our collections allow you to express your personal style. 

The Perfect Match: Your Fashionable Sidekick

We're revolutionizing accessories with a dynamic collection of statement prints and complementary solids. Each bag boasts a unique eye-catching design, perfect for customers who crave a bold statement piece. But the curated color palettes also create a perfect match, enticing customers to build their ideal duo. Our collection transcends trends, offering endless mix-and-match combinations for day-to-night versatility. 

Two Bags, Endless Style

Our handbags are designed with the belief that an accessory should feel distinctly personal while exuding broad aesthetic charm. You can choose a bag that resonates with your personality through expressive pattern prints or opt for the elegance of a complementary solid color. This flexibility means our handbags effortlessly enhance any ensemble, shifting from eye-catching statement pieces to sophisticated accents with ease. The mix-and-match concept doesn't just elevate the visual appeal; it significantly boosts the functionality of each bag, catering to a variety of occasions and outfit transitions.

Coordinated and Stylish

But the versatility doesn't stop there! Our mix and match bags let you play to create endless looks. For example: carry the tote in a stunning tropical print alongside its perfectly paired solid crossbody for a charming combo. Feeling bolder? Rock a statement-making printed tote solo. Need instant polish? Grab the classic solid crossbody. But that's not all! Our exclusive prints range from subtle chic and elegant geometrics to bold tropics and natural beauty, so you can mix and match any of our pairs to perfectly complement your outfit. Create a playful vibe, a powerful statement, or anything in between – the choice is yours!


About the Founder


Genece Hamby is the visionary founder and surface designer behind the innovative mix and match bags concept.  "My passion for color, pattern, and individual style shines through in every bag, creating a product that helps women feel confident and stylish." - Genece Hamby

Mix n Match Style wouldn't be possible without the dedication of our founder, Genece, and the incredible team of experts we collaborate with. This commitment to teamwork ensures we deliver high-quality products and provide you with the support you deserve.

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