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From Tote Bags to Tropical Paradise: My Journey in Mixing & Matching Style

Imagine finding the perfect handbag - not just stylish, but unique, designed to complement your favorite outfits and unleash your inner fashionista. That's the dream I chased, leading me to create Mix N Match Style, a line of handbags and accessories that celebrates individuality through bold colors and trending patterns.

Long before the pandemic, I dreamt of a bag that wouldn't just hold your essentials, but also hold your confidence. Frustrated by the lack of unique options, I started by designing water-resistant tote bags, each adorned with my own vibrant prints. It wasn't just about selling; it was about empowering women to express their personal style.

Pop-up shops became my stage, connecting me with amazing women who shared their fashion desires and challenges. Their feedback was my fuel, pushing me to refine my designs and cater to their diverse tastes. Just as Mix N Match Style was gaining momentum, the world hit pause. Covid shut down my suppliers, forcing me to put my business on hold.

But even with closed doors, my creative spirit couldn't be contained. I channeled my energy into helping our small town's businesses stay afloat, culminating in a community-driven art gallery that continues to thrive today.

a winter plaid and deep teal duo vegan leather tote bags
Wintry Plaid and Deep Teal Vegan Tote Bag Duo

Then, fate intervened. A Canadian partner offered premium, handmade vegan leather tote bags. Holding the first one, I felt a spark. This was the key to reviving Mix N Match Style with a luxurious twist.

Enter the Resorts Collection: tropical prints for wanderlust souls who embrace vibrant colors year-round. But my fashion-forward friends craved something more. Something that could seamlessly blend with their existing wardrobe, a chameleon in the world of handbags. So, I dove back into the world of color trends, studying Pantone's latest palettes and the whispers of the season.

The result? Fall Classics and Winter Collection: a symphony of warmth and richness designed to elevate your everyday style. Think spiced rum, sage green, deep moss, and pops of deep teal, rose violet, and dark chocolate. Each pattern is a classic with a playful twist, meticulously crafted with the "mixing and matching" spirit in mind. It's not just about the bag; it's about the effortless confidence you gain when you wear it your way.

Mix N Match Style is more than just accessories; it's a celebration of individuality, a canvas for your unique story. So, grab your favorite bag, embrace the colors that sing to you, and let your style shine through.

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